An inn that offers the ultimate in relaxation with Toba's natural beauty at its doorstep ~Kisara Group~

Kisara Group, located in Toba City, Mie Prefecture, near Sakakibara Onsen in Tsu, operates several spas and lodging facilities where you can enjoy hot spring baths using hot water brought from Shamiyashi Onsen.

Shaguji Onsen is a hot spring with its source in Nanakuri, which is famous for "Nanakuri no Yu," a hot spring associated with Sei Shonagon. The hot spring water, which is almost colorless, clear, and odorless, has a strong alkaline feel and is effective for chronic skin diseases, neuralgia, and muscular pains. It is popular for its pleasant texture.

Each room is perfect for relaxation, with the stars of the night sky and nature spread out before you for your private enjoyment.

● Special points of each facility of the Kisara Group

The Kisara Group's accommodations are within a few minutes' drive of each other, and each has different characteristics, so we encourage you to stay at all of our inns. The following is a summary of the special features of each inn.

Kisara Villa ~TOKI~

Kisara Villa ~Toki~ is located on a hill about 8 minutes from Toba Station by car.

This slow resort was born in the year 2019, when the era name changed to "Reiwa."

The name of the inn, "刻" (Toki), embodies the idea of "time not merely passing by, but leaving its mark on the heart." It conveys the desire for guests to savor a tranquil and leisurely moment, one that makes them want to stay relaxed forever. As you pass through the beautiful blue gradient noren, which represents the theme color of "Toki," your unique time begins in a serene and modern Japanese space. We invite you to spend this cherished time with your loved ones.

Because of its spectacular location in front of the ocean, the rooms are all designed with blue as a base color, and each has its own unique characteristics. Each room is named after the blue color of the ocean, which changes with the season, time of day, and the amount of sunlight.

All 10 rooms are of the detached type with a large living space. In addition to the indoor and outdoor baths, four of the rooms (Ruri, Azure, Blue, and Senkusa) are equipped with a footbath. It is a blissful moment to take an open-air bath or soak in the footbath while enjoying the view of Toba Bay. The aroma of cypress ribbons in the air will help you relax. The view from the terrace in the center house is a spectacular sight that will make you forget your everyday life, and you will definitely feel good while soaking in the sea breeze. During the summer, you can see fireworks from the sea right in front of you, which is a spectacular sight. The center is booked up quickly during the Bon festival season.

For meals, guests can enjoy original courses that are locally produced, locally consumed, and genre-independent. Many customers look forward to the seasonal menu prepared by the executive chef, who specializes in French cuisine. You can enjoy fresh local ingredients and seasonal produce from Ise-Shima. Local production for local consumption is not limited to meals. We also offer several traditional industries, crafts, and original goods that have been handed down from generation to generation in the local area. We have sprinkled our attention to detail throughout the restaurant, and we are sure that you will feel the charm of Mie Prefecture that you have never known before.

In addition to the rooms, there are other spaces where you can relax. The lobby lounge is a place to relax with a large selection of magazines and essay books, and the free lounge is open from 4pm to 6pm and 9pm to 11pm with a self-service beer server, liqueurs, soft drinks, and snacks. There is also a nice service where you can go out on the terrace and have a drink while enjoying the view or on the terrace of your room. It is designed so that all guests can spend their time as they wish.

The ryokan is a place where you can carve out a wonderful time while relaxing and blending in with the nature of the sea and sky.

Kisara, a ryokan of nostalgic romance / Kisara Oneness

Kisara, an inn of nostalgic romance, has 16 detached rooms with all-room-temperature outdoor hot spring baths. The concept of these stand-alone rooms is to relax and unwind, and the modern Japanese interior has a nostalgic feel. The luxury space is located in a 4,000-tsubo area surrounded by nature. There are 4 types of rooms: 5 detached rooms in the main building, 5 detached rooms in the main building, 3 suites on the mountain, and 3 Kisara oneness rooms. The three mountain-top apartments have ocean views. The rooms overlook Toba Bay, so you can have a spectacular view all to yourself without being disturbed by anything. The 10 detached suites in the main building are secluded guest rooms nestled in the forest. Each room is equipped with an open-air bath where you can enjoy forest bathing and an indoor bath where you and your family can spend a relaxing time away from everyday life.

Dine in a private room (room meal or ryotei Ai-Oi) and enjoy the best of Mie Prefecture's carefully selected ingredients from Toba, Ise, Shima, and other areas. A blissful experience awaits you, where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients such as Ise lobster and abalone. The proprietress's handmade tai-meshi is so popular that some customers keep coming back, so be sure to check it out.

In fact, it was just partially renovated this March. In the newly renovated rooms, you can enjoy charcoal cooking at the IRORI table, and the outdoor hot spring bath is equipped with the region's first projection mapping system. The outdoor bath is the first of its kind in the region and features projection mapping.

The main building can accommodate small children. A children's set including diapers, Milton, baby food, etc. is available, which is a great service for babies, mothers, and fathers. Many people who have used this service have expressed their happiness.

One of Kisara's most popular services is the rental of colored yukata. Women are happy to be able to choose a yukata of their choice. It is no wonder that Kisara is so popular as an at-home, easygoing, and relaxing ryokan.

“Kisara Oneness" is a secluded resort villa overlooking Toba Bay from a hilltop location.

The rooms are finished "as is" with wood to give a sense of oneness with nature, and the CLT construction method is used to keep the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

Building materials and furniture are made of wood from Mie Prefecture, quilts are made of green down by Kawada Feathers using recycled feathers, and many environmentally friendly products are used, including tableware made of recycled materials. Lampshades from REMARE, a company that recycles marine plastic waste that has washed ashore in Toba Bay, are placed by the bedsides. The lamp, which expresses the wish to "leave the sea clean forever," gently illuminates the room. The rooms are designed to be a sustainable facility that is in keeping with the concept of being at one with nature, as there are no televisions in the rooms. The facility is a comfortable space where you can touch and see everything that is "sustainable," "ethical," and "a wonderful part of Mie Prefecture.

Checking in and checking out at Oneness is done differently. With a single smartphone, you can lock and unlock the door at the time your reservation is confirmed, using a non-contact system. This allows you to check in at any time, any place, and with as few staff members as possible, making your stay feel like you are visiting a vacation home.

The rooms are equipped with a kitchen and dining room, and you can also enjoy BBQ on the wooden terrace with an L-shaped awning. Dinner is already prepared and set for you to eat as you enter your room. The refrigerator is fully stocked with soft drinks and alcohol. Instructions on how to heat up and cook the food are also provided.

And the best part is the private SPA Ryu -Ryu-, which can be used free of charge by guests. Surrounded by trees, the SPA is like taking a forest bath. The SPA is built with a sense of openness so that you can watch the sky change from moment to moment.

This is an inn for adults where you can relax and feel like you are in a villa, with a sense of privacy.

■ Information on Kisara Group

Kisara Villa ~TOKI~

Address: 1075-7, Anrakujima-cho, Toba, Mie 517-0021, Japan


By Car: 2 hours 50 minutes from Osaka, 2 hours 30 minutes from Kyoto, 2 hours from Nagoya

By Train: 2 hours from Osaka, 2 hours and 30 minutes from Kyoto, 1 hour and 40 minutes from Nagoya

TEL:0599-21-2900(Office Hours 9am – 12pm /13pm~19pm)

Phone calls are for inquiries only. We do not handle reservations by phone.

Official HP:


A ryokan of nostalgic romance ~Kisara~

Address:1075-11, Anrakujima-cho, Toba, Mie 517-0021, Japan


By Car: 2 hours 50 minutes from Osaka, 2 hours 30 minutes from Kyoto, 2 hours from Nagoya

By Train: 2 hours from Osaka, 2 hours and 30 minutes from Kyoto, 1 hour and 40 minutes from Nagoya

TEL:0599-21-1700(Office Hours 9am – 12pm /13pm~19pm)
*Phone calls are for inquiries only. We do not handle reservations by phone.

Official HP:


Kisara Oneness

Address: 1075-223, Anrakujima-cho, Toba, Mie 517-0021, Japan

TEL:0599-21-1700(Office Hours 9am – 12pm /13pm~19pm)
*Phone calls are for inquiries only. We do not handle reservations by phone.