In 2023, a luxury hotel in Thailand will enter Japan for the first time!

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We are pleased to introduce Centara Grand Hotel Osaka, a luxury hotel to be opened in Namba, Osaka in July 2023. The hotel, the first of its kind in Japan, will have 33 floors and 515 guest rooms, and a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of Osaka is scheduled to open on the top floor. It is attracting attention as a new landmark in Namba, Osaka. Prior to its opening, we asked what we recommend about the hotel.

●Please tell us about the Centara Grand Hotel. Also, why did you choose Osaka for your first entry into Japan?

Centara Hotels & Resorts, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is a hotel brand that operates over 19,000 rooms in 13 countries and is known as Thailand's premier luxury resort hotel. It was founded on the desire to preserve the old-fashioned family-like warmth of care, sharing, and closeness of Thailand. Our goal is to provide a Thai-inspired experience while incorporating local culture and characteristics in cities around the world, such as Dubai and the Maldives. We value cozy spaces, attention to detail, and warm hospitality that incorporates local culture.

The reason why Osaka was chosen as the site for this first Japanese expansion is that it is a region that focuses on tourism, including shopping and entertainment, with a focus on food culture. Thailand is a country with a strong tourism industry and a strong food culture of Thai cuisine. Therefore, I believe that there is a similarity between the two countries. Osaka is close to Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara, making it the center of leisure and sightseeing in the Kansai region, and its convenient access from Kansai International Airport makes it a popular destination for guests from overseas. With the Osaka Expo to be held in 2025, the city is sure to attract even more attention in the future.

●What are the features of the hotel?

A popular rooftop restaurant in Bangkok will be opened in Japan. An open space with a panoramic view of the city of Osaka will be provided on the top floor of the hotel, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the spectacular view. The hotel also contains a total of eight other restaurants and bars, which is unusual for a modern full-service hotel*. While of course we offer traditional Thai cuisine, we also have a wide range of special seafood, authentic steaks, and smoked dishes to suit every day's mood.

In addition to standard rooms, we will also offer connecting rooms for families. Of the 515 guest rooms in the hotel, 156 are connecting rooms, which is quite rare. Some of the rooms include bunk beds, which will please children. Also, some rooms face the Nankai Railway tracks, so you can watch the trains come and go, which we think will be a point of delight.

*A hotel that has a restaurant, conference rooms, and banquet halls in addition to lodging.

●Please tell us about 'SPA Cenvaree', the spa menu offered by Centara Hotels & Resorts

Spa Cenvaree is the original global spa brand of Centara Hotel Group and is supported by celebrities. The spa has a reputation for "an exquisite spa experience with Thai roots," and has won the World Luxury Spa Award, which is determined by online voting by spa guests from around the world. The spa menu in Japan is being devised for the opening next year in 2023. In addition to "Thai massage," the spa plans to offer "herbal massage" using herbal balls, "hot stone massage," "foot massage," and other massages. The best part is that you can receive an authentic massage because professional therapists who actually work in Thailand will come to the center. The treatment rooms are relaxing yet luxurious. We have four rooms, including singles and couples, two of which will also be equipped with bathtubs. This is rare, as it is not easy to find a place with a bathtub. In addition, the special oils used at Spa Cenvaree are highly relaxing once you smell them. There is a wide variety, including lemongrass and rose hip scents. The massage can be concentrated on tired areas while choosing the fragrance that best suits your mood, such as "I want to feel fresh and relaxed.

●Do you have any other recommendations or special points of interest besides the spa?

I mentioned earlier that there is a rooftop terrace on the top floor, but in addition to the restaurant, there are other spaces for meetings and events, and a lounge. First of all, the space on the upper floors has a conference room that can accommodate up to 100 people. This is recommended for important meetings, employee training, etc., as meetings can be held with a great view. Next, let's talk about the DJ booth. This booth is designed for a simple party. With glass windows from top to bottom, you can enjoy a sense of openness. And what I recommend is a bar. Many of you may have thought that bars are "fashionable and a bit difficult to enter. The bar we are offering is designed to be easily accessible, so we hope you will feel free to visit. We also have a large selection of whiskeys and cocktails, so we recommend this place for those who want to have a drink with a great view. In addition, there will be a co-working lounge, located in the main lobby on the second floor, which we hope will meet various needs, such as those who want to work over coffee after check-out or relax for a while before check-out. The lounge is open to guests of the hotel as well, so we hope many people will visit.


■Persons we have spoken with

Mr. Shigeki Nakagawa (General Manager, Centara Grand Hotel Osaka)

Mr. Satoshi Yamazaki (General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Centara Grand Hotel Osaka)

■Company Information: About Centara Hotels & Resorts

Centara Hotels & Resorts is Thailand's leading hotel chain. In addition to major Thai cities such as Bangkok and Phuket, the company owns 91 hotels in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China, Japan, Oman, Qatar, Cambodia, Turkey, Indonesia, and the UAE (as of October 2022, including hotels in preparation for opening). The Centara portfolio includes six brands - Centara Reserve, Centara Grand Hotels & Resorts, Centara Hotels & Resorts, Centara Boutique Collection, Centara by Centara, and COSI - and includes a wide range of hotel brands that combine innovation and technology, from luxurious remote island retreats to large family-friendly resorts and affordable lifestyle hotels. In addition to the hotel, the company also operates a convention center with state-of-the-art facilities and its own award-winning spa brand, Cenvaree. Centara offers the hospitality and values for which Thailand is famous through the gracious hospitality of these collections, exceptional cuisine, pampering moments at the spa, and cherished family time together. Centara's unique culture and variety of stay styles will provide a service experience that satisfies guests of all ages and lifestyles. Over the next five years, Centara plans to expand into new regions and potential markets with the goal of becoming one of the top 100 hotel groups in the world. As Centara continues to expand, more and more guests around the world will enjoy the unique Centara hospitality experience. Centara's global loyalty program, CentaraThe1, will also enhance customer loyalty through members-only benefits and discounted rates.

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●Editorial postscript

In recent years, high-rise buildings have become the norm, with commercial facilities, offices, and hotels housed within a single building, but a hotel in an entire building is said to be new. How will it be illuminated at night? One can only imagine. I am sure it will add color to the streets of Namba, Osaka. I am not sure if this is a personal story. I am afraid this is a personal story, but as someone who has lived in Osaka for several years, I would love to soak up the memories of my time living in Osaka with a delicious drink while enjoying the view at the rooftop restaurant. I can't wait for the opening next year.

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