International Tourism Trade Show Tokyo
25-27 June, 2025
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

~ Introducing the meaning and trends of wellness tourism ~

wellness × tourism

What is wellness?

It is a concept that takes a comprehensive view of health in a broader sense than just the physical aspect. "Wellness" is an action to lead a rich life, such as immersing oneself in something toward self-realization, finding a purpose in life, and becoming passionate about it.

What is Wellness tourism?

It is a generic term for trips that offer "wellness = action for a richer life" including spa, yoga, meditation, fitness, healthy eating, recreation, and socializing.

Merits of Wellness tourism 

Decreases stress and refreshes the body

Today's hectic lifestyles make it easy for people to develop physical and mental disorders. Many studies have shown that simply getting away from the daily routine helps to have a positive psychological effect, which can reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep.

New discoveries and self-development

Travelers can find new perspectives by experiencing nature, food, exchange, and other local lifestyle and cultural aspects.
Such experiences provide opportunities for new discoveries and personal development, leading to a richer life.

Return to your starting point and gain energy for tomorrow

Spending as much time as possible in a travel destination, experiencing nature and local specialties, and feeling with all of the senses will help you regain your natural immunity and vitality, and "return" to your true self.
In other words, we can go back to the starting point.

Examples of the Wellness tourism

 - Hot Spring
 - Spa
 - Yoga
 - Fasting
 - Aromatherapy
 - Ayurveda
 - Acupuncture and moxibustion

 - Hotel
 - Massage
 - Sauna
 - Meditation
 - Zen
 - Power spot


 - Climbing/Hiking
 - Camping/Glamping
 - Ski/Snowboard
 - Canoe/Rafting/Sup
 - Ascetic practices at a waterfall
 - Paragliding
 - Cycling
 - Golf
 - Fishing
 - Horse riding
 - Caving
 - Forest therapy


 - Medical checkup
 - Surgery
 - Cancer treatment
 - Regenerative medicine

 - Preventive medicine
 - PET scan
 - Aesthetic medicine


 - Workation
 - Team building


iWT contributes to a future where people around the world can achieve physical and mental wellness through travel.

iWT (International Wellness Tourism Expo) is Japan's first exhibition dedicated to "wellness tourism," where travel content from around the world for a healthy mind and body is gathered.

Through this exhibition, we hope to make wellness tourism known to as many people as possible and contribute to a future in which people around the world can achieve physical and mental health through "travel".

Show Outline

[Show Name]  iWT - 3rd Int'l Wellness Tourism Expo

[Dates] June 25 (Wed) - 27 (Fri), 2025

[Venue] Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

[Organiser] RX Japan Ltd. 

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