What is International Tourism Trade Show Tokyo?

A B2B exhibition related to the "Tourism/Accommodation industry" and "Wellness Tourism" will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in May 2024.

We will concurrently hold two exhibitions, the "2nd Int'l Wellness Tourism Expo," the only exhibition in Japan where facilities, activities, healthy food, and regions related to the travel segment promoting wellness tourism, which enhances both mental and physical well-being, will gather; and the inaugural "1st Tourism Marketing Expo," aiming to address the challenges of tourism operators (hotels, ryokans, tourist destinations, etc.) and achieve "profitable tourism."

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・Promotion of customer attraction 
・Reservation/Customer management systems
・Improvement of convenience, Promotion of sightseeing tours  
・Inbound measures                    ・Measures to address labor shortages  
・Adding value to facilities   ... etc.

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・Accommodations                     ・Spas, saunas, hot springs, public bathhouses
・Leisure facilities                 ・Transportation
・Workcation/Event facilities ・Restaurants, Retail stores
・Municipalities, Tourism associations, DMOs 
・Travel agencies, Land operators   ... etc.

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・Wellness Facilities       ・Wellness Activities
・Wellness Travel Agency ・Local Governments, Tourism Associations
・Workcation Facilities      ・Medical Facilities ... etc.

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・Travel Agencies                   ・HR Dept. of Companies/Associations
・Tourism Media (Magazines, Portal Sites, TV Programs, etc.)
・Travel Influencers  ... etc.



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▼ iWT - Int'l Wellness Tourism Expo

▼ Tourism Marketing Expo 

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