What you need to know about wellness tourism

~ Effects, types of travel, and tips for finding the right trip for you ~

Wellness tourism is growing in popularity as many people seek to restore health, happiness, and balance to their lives in the wake of the Corona disaster. This is because lifestyle changes, such as the spread of telework and the increase in online services, have brought about the following changes in people's awareness.

  • Experienced stress, anxiety, and isolation and became more aware of the importance of self-care and prevention.
  • Increased interest in exploring new destinations and cultures after being cooped up at home for so long.
  • Witnessing the impact of the pandemic on the planet and its people, people are becoming more aware of the environmental and social impact of their travel choices.

Wellness tourism is not a new concept, but after the coronavirus disaster, the market is expanding globally.
In this article, we will review wellness tourism.

●Table of Contents

●What is Wellness Tourism?
   ~Ancients and moderns alike travel in search of health and happiness~

Wellness tourism is a coined word that combines the English words "wellness" and "tourism," meaning a style of tourism that balances and refreshes the mind and body through travel.

As lifestyles are changing in the After Corona, people suffering from stress and anxiety are seeking ways to calm their minds, refresh their spirits, and restore harmony and connection with themselves and their surroundings.

It is from this change in feeling and lifestyle that wellness tourism, which aims to raise awareness of mental and physical health and inspire people to live happier lives, is gaining popularity around the world.

Wellness tourism has a long history. In ancient Rome in BC, warriors used hot springs to treat wounds and illnesses. Roman citizens, rich and poor alike, visited public bathhouses in the suburbs, where they not only bathed but also engaged in exercise, discussion, and other forms of entertainment. In the Middle Ages, the medical benefits of hot springs were increasingly being verified, and royalty and aristocrats favored the luxury of hot spring resorts.

●5 Benefits of Wellness Tourism
   ~What you will get from your trip and experience~

There are many different styles of wellness tourism, and the benefits you get will depend on the type of journey and experience you choose.
Here are five typical benefits gained through wellness tourism trips and experiences.


  1. Relaxation of body and mind
    By experiencing nature and culture, and by using facilities such as massages and spas, you can relax your body and mind,freeing yourself from the stresses of everyday life.

  2. Improvement of Immunity
    Taking in fresh air, water, and food, as well as moderate exercise, improves the immune system.
    A stronger immune system is also effective in preventing infections and allergies.

  3. Cosmetic Effects
    Using hot springs and spas and eating organic or locally sourced food can have a positive effect on beauty.
    Relaxation improves blood circulation skin luster and elasticity.

  4. Expanding knowledge and insight
    Expansion of Knowledge and Insight Exposure to different cultures and histories and interaction with local people will expand your knowledge and insight.
    It also provides an opportunity to reevaluate one's values and lifestyle.

  5. Improvement of Relationships
    Traveling with family, friends, or partners can improve relationships. Creating common experiences and memories can enhance communication and trust.

●Types of Wellness Tourism Travel
    ~What kind of travel are you looking for now?~

There are many different types of wellness tourism, here are five examples.

  • Spa Tourism
    This is a great way to relax and relieve physical and mental fatigue.
    Soaking in a hot spring will improve blood circulation and relieve muscle and joint pain. Of course, it also relieves stress and fatigue.

  • Yoga Tourism
    It is recommended when you want to face yourself and seek inner peace and balance.
    Yoga and meditation help to harmonize the body and mind through breathing exercises and postures.Yoga and meditation will help you achieve mental stability and concentration. It also provides an opportunity to face oneself.

  • Adventure Tourism
    This is a great way to expand your possibilities.
    Activities such as mountain climbing, canoeing, and diving not only provide physical exercise but also allow you to learn new skills and collaborate with your peers.
    Along with improving your athletic skills and personal relationships, the challenge and sense of accomplishment will boost your confidence and satisfaction.

  • Cultural Tourism
    This is a good time to expand your knowledge and sensitivity through exposure to different cultures and arts.
    Visiting museums, art galleries, and other facilities, watching music, dance, and other performances, and experiencing art and culture will enhance your sensitivity and creativity and restore sensitivity to your body and mind.

  • Eco-Tourism
    It is recommended when seeking discoveries and emotions.
    Exposure to nature stimulates the senses and enriches the emotions. You may also discover new values and goals in life by being moved by the beauty and grandeur of nature.

There is no "this is wellness tourism" rule, as everyone has a different measure of health and happiness.
Choose the style of travel that is right for you to enhance your health and well-being.

●Differences between wellness tourism and medical tourism
   ~Difference between prevention and treatment~

Medical tourism is often confused when discussing wellness tourism.Both wellness tourism and medical tourism aim to promote health and beauty, but there are differences in their objectives, target populations, and content.Let's take a brief look at the differences between the two.

Wellness Tourism
It is undertaken by people, regardless of their health status, who focus on prevention, balance, and lifestyle improvement.
They travel for preventive health care, stress reduction, and relaxation.

Medical Tourism
It is performed by people who need medical treatment for a specific health condition or medical procedures such as surgery.
They tend to choose countries with superior medical technology and facilities or countries with lower costs than their own.

Wellness tourism and medical tourism are similar but different concepts.
Wellness tourism is about improving one's health and well-being, while medical tourism is about using medical services provided by others.

●3 Tips for Finding the Right Wellness Tourism for You

Finally, here are three tips for finding the right wellness tourism experience for you.

  1. Clarify your purpose and needs
    As we have seen, there are many different types of wellness tourism. For example, those who want to relax can take healing trips such as hot springs and massages.
    For those who want to relieve stress, eco-tourism, where you can interact with nature and animals, or adventure tourism, where you can enjoy activities and adventures, are suitable. Think about what you are looking for and choose the wellness tourism that fits your needs.

  2. Consider budget and time
    Wellness tourism ranges from upscale to affordable. It also varies from long trips to day trips. The key to experiencing the benefits of wellness tourism is not to overdo it. Plan a wellness tourism trip that is affordable and fits your budget and time.
    Even if your budget and time are limited, it is possible to have a wellness experience at a nearby spa or park.

  3. Research word of mouth and reputation
    Wellness tourism is growing in popularity, and much information is available on the Internet and in magazines. However, not all information is accurate and reliable. Check the quality and safety of services and facilities by referring to reviews and reputations of people who have experienced wellness tourism.
    It is also important to check whether or not the information fits your tastes and sensibilities. Check not only reviews and reputation but also photos and videos.

Wellness tourism is not just a trip to relax, but a trip that gives your life a sense of meaning and value. If you are interested, please give it a try.
It will make a wonderful difference in your life.