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We are a web media platform focusing on "Wellness Tourism." We provide information on travel, activities, and facilities that heal and energize the body and mind.

A step toward a richer and brighter life.


We aim to create a website that supports new insights, a return to one's origins, and self-discovery through "connections" with nature, people, and local communities.


This section introduces regions, facilities, and activities related to wellness tourism.


People today lead hectic lifestyles that can easily lead to physical and mental illnesses.


The contents of the site are designed to help you...


In a space away from everyday life,

"become aware of your mental and physical health"

"Discover and review new discoveries that can be applied to your own lifestyle and self-development."

"Go back to your roots and get refreshed and energized for tomorrow."


We don't look for places to go,

We hope that visitors will search for destinations by focusing on how they want to spend their time,

what they want to do, and what they want to become.

About Tabiyu


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